Planning to adapt in the Broads

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The Broads is the most low-lying member of our UK National Parks' family - so if sea levels rise due to climate change it will have a major impact on the landscape and biodiversity.

The 'climate adaptation plan' is aimed at getting everyone thinking about how they will adapt their behaviour to respond to the impacts of climate change.

Tell us about the plan

  • The Broads Authority is working with the Environment Agency, Natural England and University of East Anglia to focus on how the area would need to adapt to retain its special qualities
  • It's hoped this will produce high-quality information which will inform wider public debate
  • A Climate Risk Assessment is being planned to start in spring 2013 - this will involve the wider community including parish councils, young people and businesses which make use of the area or manage parts of it
  • The information is due to be included in an Adapation Plan to be submitted to the Goverment in summer 2014

Why is being introduced?

The purpose of the plan is to explore vulnerabilities and consider what needs to change to enable people to cope with new variations in climate. It is hoped that gathering evidence from the community and other bodies will produce a comprehensive plan.

Ultimately it's hoped there will be more projects that take into account a new range of 'climate variables' while still retaining the area's special qualities.