Helping wildlife in Pembrokeshire

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In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park an initiative, 'Conserving The Park' is aimed at encouraging farmers to help wildlife thrive on their land.

It follows on from the successful 'Coastal Slopes' project which encouraged farmers to protect and enhance coastal strips of land by offering free advice and help to do so.

Tell us about the scheme

The aim is to establish wildlife-friendly land corridors and to manage and enlarge key wildlife habitats such as species-rich hay meadows, marshy grasslands, scrub woodland, coastal slopes, wetlands and woodland edges.

Help on offer for land managers includes:

  • advice and information on grants / other assistance
  • free practical assistance - staff / specialist equipment
  • help with capital works - e.g. fencing / gates / water supply
  • help to source the right grazing stock and machinery
  • payments for managing land through management agreements

Why is being introduced?

It is hoped the scheme will show how managing land sustainably can not only be good for wildlife and habitat preservation but it can also generate wider socio-economic benefits for the community.

As well as optimising the conditions for wildlife, it is hoped the scheme will also help:

  • protect rural incomes
  • reduce flood risk
  • reduce food miles
  • contribute to food and energy security

Keen to find out more?

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