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Volunteering in National Parks

National Parks are dependent on the support of a thriving and diverse community of volunteers across the UK. Volunteers help to enhance our natural landscapes, support local communities and keep our National Parks open and accessible for millions of visitors every year.
Volunteering is open to everyone regardless of who you are and what experience you have.
Volunteering is good for National Parks but it’s also great for you. Being physically active outdoors is good for your health. Helping out on community tasks is good for your mental and social wellbeing.

Special qualities

Why volunteer with your National Park?

Over 5,000 volunteers donate their time, energy and expertise across the UK’s National Parks. The roles and tasks are hugely varied and we need people from all backgrounds and with all sorts of abilities to help us. Here are just a few benefits of volunteering for National Parks;

Meet new people – Volunteering is a special thing and creates a rare atmosphere of positivity, learning and community. You will meet like-spirited people, who care about the environment, communities and making a difference for National Parks. You can make friends for life through volunteering.

Experience amazing wildlife and landscapes –  The UK’s National Parks are home to some of the most incredible landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage. National Park landscapes and their wildlife are shaped by people, which means volunteers are needed to help. You can also help to maintain access for everyone to landscapes which are crucial to the nation’s health.

Develop your skills and learn new ones – Volunteering takes many forms: habitat management, path maintenance and construction, archaeology, wildlife monitoring, hospitality and visitor management are just some of the skills you might lean and develop. If you’re looking for a new career you can gain valuable experience through volunteering.

Boost your health and wellbeing –  Being outside in green, blue or wild spaces is good for your health.  Scientific research shows nature connectedness has a range of health and well-being benefits and one of the best ways to turbo-boost that connectedness is by taking action to care for nature.  Being part of a volunteering team is great for self-esteem, helping you to feel part of a community achieving positive outcomes.

Play your part –  UK National Parks need volunteers. There are thousands of community and charity organisations dependent on volunteers to support a variety of causes within National Parks. When you volunteer in a National Park, you are part of a global movement to protect and enhance wildlife habitats, improve access to the landscape and save threatened cultural heritage.

Did you know?

There are over 5,000 volunteers active in National Parks every year!

Young volunteers

We support young people through a range of initiatives including Youth Action and Youth Ranger projects. As a young volunteer you can learn new skills and gain experience that helps you towards a career in the environmental or heritage sectors. You can also learn about ecology, conservation and history to supplement your school, college or university studies. Most important of all, you can meet new people and have a great time in a National Park.

Many of our Rangers first started working with National Parks as a volunteer. By volunteering alongside our skilled, knowledgeable and friendly Ranger teams you will get a taste of what it’s like to work for us full-time.


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