This is an activity for you to lead either in the classroom or on a visit to the Peak District National Park or another National Park.
Who for?
Key stage 2 - England and Wales
Level 2 - Scotland
Who by?
This activity is for you to take, using the resources below - or a member staff at the Peak District Moorland Discovery Centre can take the lead.

Activity aims:

To enable pupils to learn more about the National Park's history and landscape.

Pupils will use local history, myths and legends or place names as a stimulus for creative writing.

Students will learn that:

  • National Parks are special places
  • National Parks can be creative and inspiring places

What you will need:

  1. Pens, paper and clipboards
  2. Examples of myths and legends (download here):
  3. Place names game to prompt story-writing (download here):
  4. Structuring your story - worksheet for budding writers (download here):

Visiting and alternative activities:

  1. For primary school visits to the Peak District see:
  2. Moorland Discovery Centre information is here:
  3. More lesson plans for Key Stage 2 pupils visiting the Moorland Discovery Centre are here:

For classroom activity:

For education resources related to the Peak District see:

Curriculum links (England and Wales):

Subject area(s): English

Curriculum objectives: English (literacy)

  • KS2 Literacy (writing and reading)