Get the micro-volunteering bug today and join the biggest citizen’s science project that National Parks have ever undertaken.

Look Wild uses a free nature identification app that will name plants and animals for you and contribute to a huge National Park-led citizens’ science project at the same time. It’s free to learn about the natural world around you and do your bit to protect it at the same time.

Look Wild Needs You - Join the Team

It's a simple 4-step process...

Step 1 - Download the app and join Look Wild

Download the iNaturalist app  – you can use it even without mobile reception or wifi.

Down link for Apple app store   Download link for Android App

On the app search for Look Wild and join our project.

Go to to find out more.

Step 2 - Be outside

Look Wild is a project to map and monitor wildlife in National Parks but the app works anywhere: from doorstep to wilderness. Start using it straight away to learn more about the nature that surrounds you. That also means you’ll be match-fit to join the team when you get to a National Park.

Step 3 - Take a photo

Take a photo of any plant, animal or insect that you find interesting. You can record sounds too. Get close enough to get a good shot but be mindful not to disturb what you are photographing.

Step 4 - Upload to learn and share

The app will help you identify what you’ve recorded. If your species is especially rare the online community will join in the process to identify it. Your record will be added to the Look Wild project to help us understand more about our wildlife and look after it better.



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