Introduction to our learning resource

Introduction to our learning resource

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At a time when many school pupils will live to see the next century, it’s never been more important for them to understand the value to everyone’s lives of our National Parks. This scheme, consisting of eleven enquiries, traces the history of Britain’s National Parks and explores their purpose and defining qualities. Seven enquiries focus on how different National Parks are managing their precious environments for the future in a sustainable way. This includes finding ways to accommodate increasing numbers of visitors, overseeing biodiversity enhancement schemes, implementing flood control measures and balancing the needs of economic development with those of environmental conservation.

The scheme with its wealth of resources, detailed background notes, engaging learning and teaching ideas and assessment guidance has been written by specialists for teachers at Key Stage 2 and 3. The enquiries will find a natural home in geography but each also has strong cross-curricular links to English, Mathematics and other foundation subjects. Each is designed to enable pupils not only to build knowledge but also to master and apply a wide range of geographical skills to ensure that they understand the significance of what they have learned.

We are confident that the scheme will prove an engaging, relevant and appropriately challenging contribution to modern geography provision in our schools.


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