Explore the Elements: Inspiring Adventures for Young Explorers

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At the UK National Parks, we believe in the power of nature to captivate young hearts and minds, igniting a lifelong love for the great outdoors. That’s why we’re thrilled that our supporters, Forest Holidays and Spotty Otter, have come together with Explorer HQ to promote the brilliant Explore the Elements book. With its exciting eco-missions and a companion app, this guide aims to encourage children and families to embrace nature, while also supporting important initiatives in our National Parks.

The Explore the Elements book, an EXPLORER HQ guide, is a must-have resource for both seasoned explorers and those venturing into the great outdoors for the first time. Created in association with National Parks UK and with generous support from Forest Holidays, this book is not just about adventure; it’s about fostering a deep connection to nature and promoting sustainability. When you purchase the Explore the Elements book, you contribute to the UK National Parks Foundation, which delivers grants supporting education, conservation, and health & wellbeing initiatives in our National Parks. 10% of the cover price goes directly to the Foundation, making a real difference to the protection and enhancement of the UK parks.

“Such a great way for families to explore our National Parks, and help the environment at the same time.” Naomi Conway, Director, National Parks Partnerships

Eco-missions designed for everyone to #BeMoreOutside

To celebrate the book launch and inspire families to embrace the outdoors, Spotty Otter’s young ambassadors have been trying and completing missions from Explore the Elements book while exploring in nature.

“Our hope is that Explore the Elements really appeals to families – and young explorers in particular – with fun, interesting ideas and inspiration for getting outdoors and engaging with nature.” Mark Pearce, Explorer HQ Chief Exploration Officer

The book features 48 exciting eco-missions that encourage children and families to venture outside and connect with the natural world. It doesn’t stop there—Explorer HQ has also developed a free companion app that enhances the exploration experience. Each mission in the book and app aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, empowering young explorers to make a positive impact on our planet while having fun.

Download the Explorer HQ app today.

The Explore the Elements book is a gateway to thrilling outdoor adventures and a deeper connection with nature. By supporting this initiative, you not only empower young explorers but also contribute to the preservation and enhancement of our stunning National Parks.

Remember, when people and nature connect, wonderful things happen. So grab your book, join us on this adventure, embrace the magic of the great outdoors, and inspire the next generation to become stewards of our National Parks.

Spotty Otter Partnership: Gear up for Adventure, Support Young Explorers

We are delighted to have Spotty Otter as our partner, who share our commitment to fostering a love for nature in young explorers. Spotty Otter has pledged to donate 15% of profits from their Forest Ranger and Forest Leader clothing and footwear ranges to the National Parks UK Education Travel Fund. So, when you purchase from these ranges, you are directly enabling a young person to experience the wonders of our National Parks.

Forest Holidays Partnership: Inspiring the Next Generation

In collaboration with Forest Holidays, a five year initiative called ‘National Park Futures’ aims to connect over 20,000 young people with nature, inspiring them to care for and protect our beautiful National Parks. Since its launch in 2019, National Park Futures has already connected over 8,500 young people with nature through flagship projects and a UK Travel Fund. By nurturing a love for the outdoors, we are ensuring a brighter future for both our National Parks and the generations to come.

“We’re proud to work alongside National Parks as we are both incredibly passionate about encouraging young people to connect with the outdoor world. Explore the Elements was a wonderful project to play a part of and we’re excited to share it with our guests. The book is a lovely collection of missions and beautiful illustrations. We know that when young people and nature connect good things happen, and this book encourages just that”
Charlotte Thorogood, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Forest Holidays

Mission #16 from Explore the Elements
Mission #16 from Explore the Elements

Do get in touch with NPP if your company would like to discuss partnerships that can support your sustainability or CSR agendas whilst supporting the care and conservation of these wonderful landscapes for everyone to enjoy.

We’d love to explore working with you, do get in touch.

Naomi Conway, NPP Director

Lisa Sensier, NPP Senior Development Manager

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