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Key stage 2 and 3 - England and Wales
Level 2 and 3 - Scotland
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Activity aims:

This Interactive Jigsaw teaches pupils about the effects of planning decisions and changes within Snowdonia. The activity allows pupils to drag seven pieces together to create four different images of Snowdonia. They then choose pieces from the four images to create their own unique future. Planning commitee activities are included with the activity.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • investigate interactions between the environment and people.
  • to work together and communicate their opinions, whilst listening to others on a variety of issues
  • consider the sustainability and future of rural areas
  • realise that people have different opinions about issues.

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A full range of tutored modules are available from our education team at Snowdonia National Park


Curriculum links (England):

  • Geography
  • Global dimension and sustainable development
  • Citizenship