This activity can be done in any location where tourism is evident. It will work best where there are plenty of tourists around so students can question them.
Who for?
Key stage 3 - England and Wales
Level 3 - Scotland
Who by?
This activity is for you to lead.

Activity aims:

This activity gets students to observe the impact tourism has on an area, both positive and negative. It includes observations on the area and its environment and a tourist questionnaire to gain details about the visitors to an area and what attracts them. You can also include the sustainability questions to help students observe and record their feelings about the area and possible impacts on it from visitors.

The results of this activity can be adapted for different post-visit uses in the classroom.

It is advisable for students to work in small groups and to be instructed and supervised when approaching members of the public.

Students will learn:

  • Observation
  • Team work
  • Statistics

You will need:

  1. Tourism impact survey
  2. Sustainability questions
  3. Clipboards and pencils

Curriculum links (England):

  • Geography: Sustainable development, tourism, environment