Bikes go electric on Dartmoor

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The Dartmoor Electric Bicycles project was launched to coincide with 2013 Climate Week.

Its aim is to cut the number of car journeys tourists and locals make in the Park by promoting the use of electric bikes (and cars).

Tell us about the scheme

  • A network of 40 charging stations for electric bikes is planned around the Park
  • There will be five travel hubs for zero-emission vehicles (bikes, cars and trampers)
  • The Electric Vehicle Charging Network has received £15,000 funding to develop the community charging points

Why is being introduced?

It is hoped electric bikes will make cycling on Dartmoor more accessible to a wider range of people.

Riding a bike through the wide open spaces of Dartmoor National Park is climate-friendly and exhilarating, but many people are deterred by the hills (there are some surprisingly steep slopes).

Electric bikes provide that bit of extra help on hills, enabling people to keep pedalling up steep slopes while still enjoying the landscape and getting plenty of exercise.

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