Forest Holidays and UK National Parks campaign raises over 51k

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Published: 8 November 2019

Mark Hamblin

Update: The #givenatureachance campaign with Forest Holidays closed on 2nd December 2019 and raised £51,065 for at-risk species in the UK National Parks.

Bees, butterflies and red squirrels in the UK’s National Parks are set to benefit from Forest Holidays’ #givenatureabreak campaign that has raised £51,065. 

Forest Holidays and the National Parks launched the #GiveNatureABreak campaign as a way to support threatened bees, butterflies and red squirrels as part of their 'Black Friday' offer this year.

The State of Nature Report 2019 has shown that UK biodiversity is under unprecedented threat. The UK's National Parks are aiming to turn the tide on biodiversity loss on a big and small scale, through larger landscape projects and smaller initiatives for a wide range of individual species including bees, butterflies and red squirrels.

Projects that are benefiting from the campaign include ‘SaveReds’ in the Lake District National Park, working to protect endangered red squirrels; the ‘Dartmoor 2020 Butterfly Project’; ‘Beelines’ in the South Downs National Park; ‘Make More Meadows’ in the Pembrokeshire Coast and the North York Moors 'Rare Butterflies Project’.

Forest Holidays also supports the UK’s National Parks through ‘National Park Futures’ a project that launched in May 2019 and is connecting 20,000 young people with nature over the next five years.

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